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A PDF of a layout I designed for 425 Business, July 2019. The article is titled Peace of Mind, and features a custom illustration I made of a person with a migraine visiting their doctor. Also featured is a sidebar with an infographic I designed to go with the story.
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I had the pleasure of working with the graphic design team at PMG to help produce four regular magazines.

Magazine Design

As a designer for PMG, I worked with other graphic designers, writers, editors, and photographers to help publish one bimonthly magazine and three monthly ones.

I primarily worked on 425 Business magazine. My favorite part about designing a business magazine is that most of the articles don't make sense to have photos (short stories about financial advice, for example), so it gave me the opportunity to create illustrations and infographics.

Some other parts of editorial design I really loved were editing photos for covers, working on typography, co-working with photographers, and attending events.

The cover of 425 Business Magazine, November 2019. “Setting the Stage.”
A layout I designed for “The Business of Space” in 425 Business.
The cover of 425 Business Magazine, October 2019. “Fresh Thinking.”
A feature on Taco Time Northwest in 425 Business. I designed the three-spread layout for the feature.
Taco Time feature continued. I also made hand-drawn illustrations for the sidebar.
Taco Time feature continued. I drew the map in the bottom left corner, inspired by Taco Time packaging.
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